F.3 Arriving in Berlin

Berlin is easy to reach by all means of transportation. It has three airports, Berlin Tegel (aviation code TXL on your airline ticket, map), Berlin Tempelhof (THF, map) and Berlin Schönefeld (SXF, map). If you come to Berlin by train, you will arrive at one of the three main stations, which are Zoologischer Garten (in the western city center, walking distance to TU Berlin, map), Lichtenberg (map) and Hauptbahnhof (map) (both of them are in the east of Berlin and further away from activities). For a geographical overview, see this map.

All airports and train stations are well connected to all main locations in Berlin by public transport -- Berlin is well served by a far reaching network of bus, U-Bahn (subway) and S-Bahn (inner city railway) lines. The standard fare for a single ride AB-ticket that is valid on all busses, subways etc. will be DM 3.90. You will need this only on your day of arrival, since with the congress registration materials you will receive your Local Transportation Ticket.

If you come by car, we suggest you leave it at the hotel and use the Local Transportation Ticket. There is ample parking space at the ICC, but parking is very limited at TU Berlin.

Many hotels are in the Western city center, close to the Zoologischer Garten (``Zoo Station'') Train Station, which is not only a train station, but also a U-Bahn (subway) and S-Bahn (inner city railway) station with good connections in all directions. (To get to TU Berlin, for example, you would take the U2 subway line, direction Ruhleben, and leave it at the next stop, Ernst-Reuter-Platz).

In this section, we therefore explain how to reach Zoologischer Garten from the airports and from the other train stations. To locate your personal accommodation or hotel you might try to consult the online Berlin city map.

Detailed city maps (including a street index) are also posted at all bus and subway stations in Berlin, which could help you to locate your destination after arrival in Berlin. The main connections to reach the congress locations are explained in Section F.5 Reaching the Conference Locations.

From Tegel Airport:

The two bus lines with the numbers X9 and 109 operate the route to the city center. The X9 is a so-called express bus, which is fast, but makes only few stops. (But it does stop at TU's U-Bahn station, Ernst-Reuter-Platz.) The 109 bus is much slower, but it takes a route down Kurfürstendamm which is nice and convenient for the many hotels on and near this (main shopping) street. Both lines pass or end at Zoologischer Garten.

Duration: approx. 20 minutes with the X9 and approx. 30 minutes with the 109 bus.

From Tempelhof Airport:

Take the U6 subway line, direction Alt-Tegel, up to the Stadtmitte station. There switch to the U2 subway line, direction Ruhleben, which will take you to the Zoologischer Garten station.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

From Schönefeld Airport:

This airport is just outside the city limits, southeast of Berlin. To get to the center of Berlin, walk from the terminal building to the S-Bahn station. From there the S9 line will take you to Zoologischer Garten.

Duration: approx. 50 minutes.

From Lichtenberg train station:

This station is in the east of Berlin. From there two S-Bahn lines, S5 direction Charlottenburg and S7 direction Potsdam Stadt, will take you directly to the Zoologischer Garten.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

From Hauptbahnhof train station:

This station is in the east of Berlin. Take one of the four S-Bahn lines operating from Hauptbahnhof in the western direction, whose destination may be Potsdam Stadt, Westkreuz or Charlottenburg. Any of these will take you to Zoologischer Garten.

Duration: approx. 20 minutes

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