B.6 Program Changes, Ad-Hoc Talks, and Informal Seminars

Program changes, cancellations, and additions, announcements of ad-hoc talks and sessions and of informal seminars will be published in the Daily News (and posted at the ICM information desks).

If you want to report and publish an announcement of this type, do not contact the daily news, but follow the instructions below.

Program Changes

To announce program changes, please contact the program desk in the conference office (H 2036) and fill in a `PROGRAM FORM' available there. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to


This e-mail address will be operational starting August 1.

Every program change triggers several activities (among them a message to the Daily News) and is handled by a special group different from the Daily News team.

The announcement of a program change, addition, etc. must be submitted the day before the day to which it applies, by 15:00 at the latest. Otherwise, a timely processing cannot be guaranteed.

Ad-Hoc Talks

Those who have the wish to make a spontaneous contribution to the ICM'98 program are kindly requested to submit the title and abstract during the Congress as described in D.3 Abstracts or in "Program Changes" above.

Submissions will not be processed before the Congress. To find out the schedule of your presentation please contact the program desk in the conference office.

Informal Mathematical Seminars On Site

During the Congress it will also be possible to organize informal mathematical seminars on site.

Ordinary Members who wish to organize such spontaneous seminars are asked to make all arrangements among themselves, and to request a room either in advance (moehring@math.tu-berlin.de), or during ICM'98 from the congress office or from the Local Arrangements Chair. Such seminars may take place during the afternoons. If the congress office is notified before 15:00 the previous day, an announcement of the seminar can be included in the daily newsletter to be distributed to all participants on the following day.

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